Trinity Bites Organic Strawberries

Trinity Bites Organic Strawberries

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Pick up some fresh freeze-dried Trinity Bites Organic Strawberries grown right here in Australia!

Tastebuds will jump for joy with the intense, sweet-tart flavour, and crunchy texture.

Perfect for smoothies, baking, or just snacking, you can't go wrong with these tasty freeze-dried treats!

Approx weight: 30g

Your fruit dust shouldn’t go to waste either- mix through yoghurt or smoothies for extra nutrients and minimise waste. Win Win!

Organic Strawberries


Our freeze dried goodies don’t like humidity, moisture or heat, so please ensure you close your pack tightly after each use (unless you eat them all in one go).


Please note that this product is extremely fragile. We use high quality food-grade bags.

All care has been taken to ensure the utmost quality and presentation in our product. 

There may be times during transit when your product may arrive slightly different to what was displayed online - don’t worry, this doesn’t take away from it’s delicious taste!

Each pack is made with love and has a unique look, so no two packs are the same - this is what makes them amazing. 

Each bag size and weight will differ between treats due to inconsistencies in the final size, but we will always aim to offer you what has been advertised without compromising on quality.


Freeze dried food can be a potential choking hazard. Please take all measures to ensure consumption safety.


These products are original and authentic and have been freeze dried by Trinity Bites.

We will always endeavour to provide up-to-date and correct ingredient, allergen, packaging and description information at time of posting, however, we recommend that you do not rely solely on information provided on our website.

Please refer directly to manufacturer for more information.